Gaming Paradise

Our Gaming Passion

Miexto Games Shop, founded in 2015 by Alex and Emily, prides itself on creating a welcoming environment where gaming enthusiasts can explore a diverse collection of both new releases and classic games.

Miexto Games Shop began with a passion for games shared between founders Alex and Emily, evolving into a beloved spot in downtown Seattle for gamers seeking the best in gaming variety and community.

Serving a wide range of clients, from seasoned gamers to newcomers, Miexto Games Shop has established itself as the go-to destination in Seattle for premium gaming experiences and quality products.

Core Values

Guiding principles that drive Miexto Games Shop towards creating exceptional gaming experiences for all patrons.


Embrace diversity and create an inclusive space where all gamers feel welcome and valued, fostering a sense of belonging within the gaming community.


Dedicated to offering the highest quality games and products that capture the essence of gaming excellence, ensuring customer satisfaction and enjoyment.


Build a vibrant and supportive gaming community where players can connect, share experiences, and create lasting memories through the power of gaming.

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